The Need for Tolerance in a Fragmented, Confusing World

“Democracy is difficult…and so is civility.”

In her commencement address, President Joyce F. Brown described the challenges FIT graduates now face, specifically a world atomized by a profusion of loud, divergent, and often disrespectful voices. To overcome this obstacle, Dr. Brown said, we need to be tolerant, patient, and more. “In order to build a culture that nurtures this democracy we cherish, we need most especially that quality of character called empathy: an ability to think what it might be like to be in the shoes of another.”

The talk had a hopeful ending. Dr. Brown noted that the graduates were part of the Millennial generation, a group distinguished by its “receptive, respectful attitude toward our vastly diverse society and its multiple lifestyles.” The Millennials’ “gorgeous generational profile,” she said, encompasses some of the tools they need to “repair the angry, inflammatory and infinitely sad soundtrack of the 21st century – to return civility and brotherhood to our lives and to help make our democracy thrive from sea to shining sea.”

Also, read about FIT alumnus James McNamara, who helped create the first Pride flag.

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