Cuban Delegation Visits FIT

On Friday, October 28, FIT hosted a delegation from Cuba that expressed an interest to explore potential partnerships and educational opportunities with the college.

The delegation―which comprised Dr. Aurora Fernández Gonzalez, deputy minister, Cuban Ministry of Higher Education; Dr. Alicia Alonso Becerra, rector, Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría; Iliana Martinez González, international collaboration specialist, Cuban Ministry of Higher Education; and Luis Javier Baró Báez, first secretary for the Cuban Mission to the United Nations―also had arranged visits with several other institutions of higher education, including SUNY New Paltz.

The Cuban delegation visits the Knitting Lab during its tour of FIT

In Cuba, Dr. Gonzalez explained, there are 52 universities and no illiteracy. The country places a high priority on education, health care, and cultural values. However, there is only one design school. While Cuba has an educated population, leaders are working toward collaborative partnerships that help further the country’s goals, Gonzalez said, and this visit to FIT was part of that effort.

The delegation extended an invitation to FIT President Joyce F. Brown to visit them in Cuba.

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