Elaine Maldonado and Kyunghee Pyun Win SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grant






Elaine Maldonado, director, Center for Excellence in Teaching, and Kyunghee Pyun, History of Art, have received a $50,000 SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grant (IITG) to promote classroom globalization. Established by SUNY as an outcome of its strategic plan, IITG grants are given to projects that enhance teaching and learning by providing affordable, innovative, and flexible education in a full range of instructional formats; develop instructional talent by creating and supporting communities of practice across disciplines and institutions; support, monitor and embrace research on pedagogical practices to continually improve the instructional practices of SUNY faculty; extend teaching and learning environments to provide new avenues for development and delivery of collaborative content, courses, and programs in New York and across the globe through Open SUNY.

Maldonado and Pyun’s grant is for a project titled Bamboo Canvas: Instructional Innovation for a Globalized Classroom, in which research activities will integrate Asian arts and crafts with innovative technology in their curricula. A website and other online educational resources will host videos and other instructional content on ancient artistic techniques and traditions.

A regional conference, anchored by grant-funded activities such as Bamboo Canvas, will be hosted at FIT in fall 2018.

For more information, contact Maldonado, 212 217.4062.


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