The Art of Fashion History

Have you ever wondered what a houppelande – such as the one in this 15th-century Netherlandish painting by Petrus Christus – is? This is the place to find out. Have you ever sought a garment analysis of a Ralph Lauren denim three-piece suit? This site is for you. Wondered who wore a Medici collar? Wonder no more.

An evolving resource that will continue to grow as entries are added, FIT’s new Fashion History Timeline offers an academic exploration of fashion history through works of art. The site is a classroom-based project initiated in the fall of 2015 whose content aims to demystify dress and fashion. It is currently being developed by FIT students across 38 majors, several of whom will be on hand to talk about their research at the launch event on Tuesday, February 13 at 6:00 pm in the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre. The FIT community is welcome and encouraged to attend.

“There’s so much here to be proud of,” said Justine DeYoung, assistant professor, History of Art, who is spearheading the project. “We envision this as a service to the field and hope that this will not only enhance the reputation of FIT but will eventually become a global resource and a collaboration with global and international institutions.”