An Alum’s Photographs of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Campaign Trail

Ocasio-Cortez reacting to win captured at The Bronx, Queens, New York City New York on 27 Jun, 2018

Last year, José A. Alvarado Jr., Photography ’13, noticed some intriguing Instagram posts promoting the congressional campaign of an unknown Bronx native named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He decided to photograph her journey: marching with demonstrators, preparing for interviews, bartending to make ends meet, and reacting to the news that she had won the Democratic primary.

After the primary, Broadly, a narrative platform owned by Vice Media that is focused on diversity, published Alvarado’s stunning images.

“I had a strong feeling that Alex’s story would be quite a remarkable one regardless of the outcome of the primary,” Alvarado says. “Her story is unique, inspiring, and historical.”

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All photographs by José A. Alvarado Jr.