How Many Hours a Day Do You Spend Online?

In the course Your Digital Life: Online Literacies for a Networked World, Katelyn Burton Prager, assistant professor of English and Communication Studies, encourages students to think critically about what they learn and do online. The first assignment requires students either to give up their phones and computers for 24 hours or to log their technology use over the same period, then create a visual representation of what they learned. Some students are surprised to discover that they spend up to 19 hours on their phone in a single day.

“I want them to think more critically about the ways they’re engaging with this technology, because they use it so much,” Burton said.

This infographic by Antonia Ridderstraale, Direct and Interactive Marketing ’19, is a playful depiction of her time spent online—including a tumble down the stairs while looking at her phone.

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