Max Hilaire’s Work on View at New York’s Oculus

Work by Max Hilaire, Photography, was selected for the Ad Art Show 2019, an exhibition that was on view on LinkNYC screens on the streets of New York City earlier this month, and is currently on view at the Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center. The Ad Art Show features works by artists working in advertising and related fields.

Both the LinkNYC screens and the screens at the Oculus—a Port Authority train terminal—are in public spaces, and New Yorkers walk past them as part of their routines. “It is a privilege to be part of an art show designed to keep up with the pace of the life of a city,” says Hilaire. “Passersby will have the opportunity to enjoy seeing art on large screens as well as on kiosks around Manhattan while going to their daily destinations.”

The Ad Art Show 2019 will be on view at the Oculus through May 31.

For more information, contact Hilaire, (212) 217-5514.

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