Shin and Yeh Give Presentation on Inclusive Digital Product Design at CIT

logo for CIT 2019At the end of May, C.J. Yeh and Christie Shin, both Communication Design Pathways, presented at the 2019 SUNY Conference on Instruction and Technology (CIT), which took place at SUNY Purchase. Through a multimedia presentation titled “Pedagogy for Inclusive Digital Product Design,” Yeh and Shin discussed how they are integrating inclusive design principles into FIT’s Creative Technology and Design courses. Award-winning digital design projects from the Advertising and Digital Design BFA program were shared as examples of concrete learning outcomes from these advanced courses such as User Experience Design, Digital Product Design, and Digital Typography.

CIT is SUNY’s largest and most prominent event on instructional technology in education, providing a forum for faculty, instructional support professionals, and policymakers to present, discuss, and explore innovative avenues for integrating technology into the teaching and learning environment. CIT has drawn between 350 to 500 attendees, all of whom are actively involved in researching, developing, promoting, and incorporating technology in education.

For more information, contact Shin, (212) 217-5651.



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