Exhibition and Experience Design Chair, Faculty Members, to Speak at National Conference

Christina Lyons, chair, Exhibition and Experience Design, along with Brenda Cowan and Michael Stiller, also Exhibition and Experience Design, will give a talk on education at XLab 2019, a national conference hosted by the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD). As part of a larger segment on how education is changing to meet new needs, Lyons, Cowan, and Stiller will present a look inside their program in the School of Graduate Studies titled “Coalesce, Cross-Pollinate, and Deconstruct: The FIT Experience Design Experience” to show how faculty, students, and industry are working together to transform the future of immersive storytelling, placemaking, and experiential environments.

The XLab conference explores how the designers use digital technology to create new immersive experiences that connect people to place. As the opportunities to integrate digital technologies and two-way interactions keep multiplying, the conference has developed into a must-attend event for many practitioners.

XLab will be held November 7 and 8 in Brooklyn. Christina Lyons is on the SEGD board and is the chair of the SEGD’s Academic Task Force.

For more information, contact Lyons, (212) 217-4316.

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