FIT in the News – November 17, 2020

The Division of Communications and External Relations is pleased to share FIT in the News, which reports selected highlights of news stories about the college and/or that quote the college’s experts. These stories will be accessible for at least seven days by clicking on the links below.

The Queen’s Gambit

Cathleen Sheehan, acting chair, MFA Fashion Design Program, spoke about the fashion from the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit:  “This story brings international glamour, humanity and relatable history to the game of chess. Each time the scene changed, I found myself excited to see what she’d be wearing next.”

Manufacturing Pivots
Gary Chwatuk, adjunct, Footwear and Accessories Design, spoke about the difficulties facing shoe manufacturers who pivoted from producing dress shoes to casual shoes as a result of the pandemic: “Changing direction with a collection in such a short period of time is very complicated, and it can be very expensive for a company that’s not well capitalized.”

Welcome Back, Shoulder Pads   

Valerie Steele, director and chief curator, The Museum at FIT, on the return of 1980’s style shoulder pads: “It wasn’t a power thing but a way of making a woman’s body look more feminine, in a way. It was an alternative to the hourglass look.”

The Plumb Club Mentorship
A new mentoring and internship program for FIT jewelry design students is now available from The Plumb Club. As part of the program, Plumb Club member companies will offer students mentoring and opportunities for internships and jobs. Also planned is a jewelry career day, in association with FIT, which will be both live and virtual. The top three ranking graduates of the FIT program will also have an “immersive experience” at the Plumb Club Pavilion at JCK Las Vegas.

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