Imran Islam Presents New Research at Textile Conferences

chart and graph from Imran Islam's research presenationMd. Imranul (Imran) Islam, assistant professor of Textile Development and Marketing, presented his research titled “Exploring weft knit fabric defects based on their presence and quality impact: A case study” at the Clotech 2020 annual conference held by the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, in early September. After the presentation, the full paper was accepted for publication in Communications in Development and Assembling of Textile Products (CDATP), a peer-reviewed journal.

In late September, Imran presented a research paper titled “Consumers discourse about sustainability aspects of clothing in social media” at the Digital Fashion Innovation (DFI) 2020 conference organized by Manchester Metropolitan University, in England.

And in mid-November, he gave a presentation titled the “Effect of yarn delivery and couliering depth on yarn input tension and fabric defects for positive-feed based circular knitting machine” at the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) annual conference.

All conferences were held virtually.

For more information, contact Islam.

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