FIT in the News – January 28, 2021

The Division of Communications and External Relations is pleased to share FIT in the News, which reports selected highlights of news stories about the college and/or that quote the college’s experts. These stories will be accessible for at least seven days by clicking on the links below.

Sustainability in Fashion
Theanne Schiros, assistant professor, Science and Mathematics, spoke about how garments can be sustainably produced and later recycled. Schiros is co-founder Werewool, started by three former FIT students, which is developing an alternative to wool made from biodegradable fibers based upon the DNA or naturally existing proteins.

Art Smith Memorial Scholarship at FIT
The Art Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund, named in honor of the influential mid-century modernist New York City-based Black jewelry designer, has been funded by a group of 50 jewelry industry brands. The $50,000 endowed scholarship will create ongoing scholarships and mentorships to support Black students attending the school’s Jewelry Design program.

Iconic Girls Scouts uniform redesigned
Continuing coverage of the reimagining of the Girl Scouts of the USA uniform by three students from FIT’s Fashion Design class of 2020—Nidhi Bhasin, Zhuo Ran (Jenny) Feng, and Melissa Posner. The new apparel collection honors the classic Girl Scout look while also incorporating modern, fashionable elements to ensure that every girl can express her unique style.

NBC San Diego

Running Gear Care Tips
Preeti Arya, assistant professor, Textile Development and Marketing, on how to care for your running gear: “Drying should be done on low heat as most athletic garments are made from petroleum-based fibers, which are sensitive to heat.”

Women’s Running

Inaugural Fashions
Valerie Steele, director and chief curator, The Museum at FIT (MFIT) on the fashions worn at the presidential inauguration: “The influence of Michelle Obama is evident in both Dr. Biden’s and Vice President Harris’s choice of independent designers.”

Sex and the City Reboot
Steele on the potential fashions to be featured in the reboot of Sex and the City: “There were a lot of opportunities for the costume designer Patricia Field to riff on fashion. By contrast, the 2020s are still in flux with many problems, so using fashion to show the zeitgeist would be difficult. I don’t see the girls in sweatpants.” (United Kingdom)

Reinvention and Restlessness: Fashion in the 90s
Scheduled to open at MFIT in late 2021, this upcoming exhibition was selected as one of the “18 Must See Fashion Shows of 2021” (Italy) (India) (Brazil) (Singapore) (Russia)

Head to Toe
Head to Toe, opening later this year at MFIT, was selected as one of the “16 Best Fashion Exhibitions Opening in 2021”

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