Fashion Design MFA Presents UNBOUND

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On Wednesday, June 8, FIT’s Fashion Design MFA program presented UNBOUND, a fashion show featuring thesis collections by 2022 graduates of the program.

UNBOUND celebrates the limitless creativity, drive, and spirit of the graduating class as they prepare to launch their careers and help define the future of the fashion industry. The collections address themes that include the body, gender, sustainability, and family.

Visit the website here, and see the graduates’ portfolios here. View the video of the show here.

The graduates who presented their work were:

  • Yu-Hsuan (Stephanie) Chen, from Taipei, Taiwan, whose work introduces her definition of women, who she believes are often seen as soft and gentle, but have a strength of personality;
  • Diala Dabbous, from Beirut, Lebanon, whose work focuses on the body, and how clothes can comfortably sit on the body, move with it, giving it its utmost capability and enhancing it without necessarily restricting the physique;
  • Stephanie Kim, from New York City, whose work is based on the fictional story of a young heroine living in a distant dystopian future;
  • Wenwen Lei, from Chengdu, China, whose work combines Eastern elements with Western silhouettes and is inspired by the mountains, birds, and animals in her hometown;
  • Mengyao (Marie) Lin, from Shenzhen, China, whose work is inspired by desserts and sweets, and a color palette of pastels and candy wrappers that makes people happy;
  • Sarah Maazouz, from Portland, Oregon, whose garments are constructed as extensions of the body where physical form is used to disrupt patterns of routine interaction and provoke an “awakening” of the wearer;
  • Johanna Orlowski, who is from Berlin, Germany, but grew up in Ukraine and whose designs are rooted in sustainability, which is the most prominent and recurring element of her work, and who also plays with the notion of being an immigrant;
  • Sean Patrick, Chicago, whose work focuses on the contrasting influences of the Allegory of Femme, which intertwine to create a beautiful and sensual display of Gaelic art;
  • Bethany Plymale, from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, whose work focuses on the dynamic relationship between mother and daughter and how it affects fashion;
  • Shine He Sang, from Beijing, China, whose collection focuses on systematic gender inequality in multiple aspects ranging from basic birth and living rights to societal engagement and to self-realization rights;
  • Xiaolin (Kristen) Wu, from Changchun, China, whose work explores the fusion between Western and Eastern equestrian culture;
  • Shumeng Zhang, from Shanghai, China, whose collection represents the experience with clothes as the second skin and the contrast between masculinity and femininity; and
  • He (Irene) Zhu, from Hangzhou, China, whose designs represent a way to experiment with clothing as an extension of the spiritual body.

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