The Fresh Princesses
Fashion Design students give the female leads of 'Frozen' a style update
Uncommon Design
The Fashion Design MFA program graduates its first class. Meet a few of its members
Valerie’s Journey
The incredible story behind Isotoner gloves
A Signage Proposal for the Natural History Museum
On the Cover: A Digital Embroidery
Hue Summer 2019
Conserving a Chanel
A student saved a garment from its own worst enemy: itself.
Laura Tanzer
Fashion Buying and Merchandising '87
Dana Wood
Marketing: Fashion and Related Industries '86
Irene Cheslock Dobson
Apparel Design '59
Material Concerns
Lauren Levinsohn Birrittella, Home Products Development ’07
Tiny Treasures, Infinite Pleasures
In her gift shop, Ona Cohn '62 welcomes the world
Shanlee Johnson
Fashion Design '07
Helya Mohammadian
Fashion Design '04
Jonathan Ng
Graphic Design '07
Romina Cenisio
Fabric Styling '08
Dallas Maverick
Fashion Merchandising Management
Stevie D’Andrea
Advertising and Marketing Communications '08
Ilbert Sanchez
Graphic Design '11
Dan Aronson
Toy Design '13
Mildor Chevalier
Illustration MFA, '16
The Kindness of Sharks
Kaley Young, Interior Design ’18
Joy Kim
Technical Design '18
Vital Threads
“Working with our hands is what makes us human,” Hallie Meltzer, Textile/Surface Design ’08, says. And it is often this opportunity to feel and create textures every day that draws people to the practice of fiber art.
Illustration MFA Grad Sells Work to Spike Lee
New York City–themed work caught the director's eye
Fashion Out of Bounds
Michelle Finnamore '98 explains Gender Bending Fashion, her show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Take Five: Marty Sullivan II
He sparked cross-cultural dialogue
Take Five: Zainab Koli
Standing up for Muslims on campus
Take Five: Max Hechtman
Changing the world through film
Take Five: Christiane Coubertier
FIT gave her all the skills she needed
Take Five
Meet five graduates from the class of 2019
Future Perfect
For Norma Kamali, Fashion Illustration ’65, the best things in fashion are eternal.
Take Five: Analise Mehmet
Addressing climate change with exhibition design
Raising the Standard
Flags are the family business for Sandy Dennis Van Lieu
Banner Years
Some of Annin's highest-profile flags throughout American history
6 Things We Didn't Know About Flags
Annin Flagmakers' Sandy Dennis Van Lieu schools us on the flag
Julia Sinelnikova
Fine Arts '13
Nivi Murthy
Fashion Merchandising Management ’13
You Better Work!
Zaldy designs pure glamour for RuPaul, the world’s most famous drag queen
Meghan Conway
Fabric Styling '11, Fashion Merchandising Management ’09
Andrea Pitter Campbell
Fashion Design '11
Nicole Rutsch
Advertising and Marketing Communications '09
Shari Henry
Fashion Design '08
Danilo Hess
Photography '03
John Robb
Menswear '01
Music to our Ears
Michelle Obama wears alumni look at the Grammys.
No Dragons, Please
Grace Chen defines contemporary Chinese style
Moving the Line Online
Cynthia and Glenn Gale met in an FIT aerobics class...
Dream On
Artist Ebony Bolt draws inspiration from the subway
Malacia Anderson
Fashion Buying and Merchandising '87
Tricia Carey
Fashion Buying and Merchandising '94
Rori Rosas Fallacaro
Marketing: Fashion and Related Industries '90
Joanie Accolla
Display and Exhibit Design '89
Exceptional Drive
Fit student wins Ad Age competition
David Yurman Donates Private Gemstone Collection to FIT
Yurman's donation has been put to work in classrooms
Beth Vetter Costello
Graphic Design '87
Nicholas Valentine
Fashion Buying and Merchandising '70
Elaine Grynkewich Drew
Fashion Design '76
Alexis Mazza
Accessories Design, Jewelry Design '13
Michelle Moore
Textile/Surface Design '16
Alfeya Valrina
Accessories Design '17
Taking St. Tropez Worldwide
Creating a global presence for the swimwear company Vilebrequin
50 years of Fashion
The Museum at FIT celebrates its silver anniversary with a retrospective show
Emily Newcomen
Direct and Interactive Marketing '16, Illustration ’15
Uncommon Pursuits: Dave Ortiz
Running the only vodka distillery in Manhattan isn't as glamorous as it seems...
Uncommon Pursuits: Mia Cusumano
This Fashion Merchandising Management alumna gives actors their big break...
Uncommon Pursuits
These five alumni took a risk on their journey
Uncommon Pursuits: Stefanie Bishop
This Interior Design grad pushes her body to the limit...
Uncommon Pursuits: Mikahla Insalaco Jestes
This alumna heals humans—and horses—with acupuncture...
How Many Hours a Day Do You Spend Online?
Critical thinking about our online lives ...
Mr. Positivity
A Conversation with Thaddeus Coates, Advertising and Digital Design ’20
The Virtual Cure
The role of fine art in managing pain
New Bravo Show Reveals the Drama in Landscape Design
Interior Design grads star in a new reality show
Uncommon Pursuits: Lyn Slater
This influencer breaks the rules of social media
Kam Mak’s Stamp on History
The 12th and final stamp in Illustration faculty member Kam Mak's Lunar New Year commission for the USPS.
Anna Radke
Fashion Merchandising Management '14
Michelle Porrazzo
Fashion Design '18
Angely Martinez
Jewelry Design '18
Alexander Andronescu
Fashion Design/Florence '17
Joy Davis
Fashion and Textile Studies '15
Kristen Luong
Menswear '13
Bryant Small
Advertising and Marketing Communications '06
Erin McClurg Kozlowski
Fashion Merchandising Management '02
Afshan Durrani
Fashion Design '96
Todd Magill
Fashion Design '92
Juan Manuel Alonso
Menswear Design and Marketing '81
Sid Hoeltzell
Photography '78
Jan Bilancia Guarino
Fashion Illustration '75
Elizabeth Cassidy
Fashion Illustration and Advertising Design '71
Cathi Pierro Stoler
Fashion Business Management '67
Vintage Wisdom
Sarah Farid’s Etsy shop is an online destination for antique jewelry...
Party City
These alums create a 21st-century vaudeville of the brilliant and absurd...
A Triumphant Return
After more than 70 years, 91-year-old Judith Kronick Mindell returned to FIT...
The Public Eye
Two sculptures return to campus, repaired and refreshed.
Drawn from Life
Career highlights of Melanie Reim, this year’s Society of Illustrators Distinguished Educator in the Arts
Rebuilding Puerto Rico
What a student learned while volunteering with SUNY
What Inspires You?: The Romance of Flowers
Flowers have an energy. They can change the energy of a space—and change a person’s mood.
From Elle to Project Runway, Nina Garcia '92 is a major force in fashion
Period. Beginning of Story
Two entrepreneurial sisters are helping women everywhere stay on top of their cycles
Lust on Trial
A history of art faculty member's book explains America's most notorious censor...
Skin in the Game
“I realized that a handbag doesn’t have to be a big brand for it to be beautiful and functional and interesting,” Brit Reed, Fashion Design '13