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Art on the Ground: On Securing HOUSING with KJ Freeman

April 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

KJ FreemanArt on the Ground welcomes KJ Freeman (she/they), artist, curator, and founder of HOUSING, to discuss the legacy she is currently building by creating HOUSING to function as a gallery/mutual aid space. Along with her mission to secure the place of artists of color within the art world by giving them a place to show their work and reach collectors, and have a strong connection to the community.

Artists turned art dealer KJ Freeman started HOUSING, a gallery that remains dedicated to stimulating public discourse through the work of artists and creative practitioners whose works show critical commentary and intent. Part of HOUSING’s motivation is to support artists. Another part of their motivation is to support artistic practices and aesthetic experiences that contour the limits of visibility and advance the conditional inclusion of artists of color, particularly Black artists.

For more information, check out HOUSING here.

About Art on the Ground

Art on the Ground (AOTG) is an independent, mobile, grassroots conversation series that was developed in the Art History and Museum Professions program at FIT. With the guidance of its founder Shameekia Johnson, it has become a destination for progressive and innovative art workers to share their experience of navigating the art world from the outside. AOTG is about creating new spaces of representation, resistance, and collaboration that reject the values of the market that govern the dominant institutions.

AOTG brings students and newly emerging cultural innovators together with early and mid-career professionals who pass along knowledge and inspiration by sharing stories of how they followed their own path in making a career. The series focuses on sharing the voices of people excluded from or dismissed by the market operated by and for the powerful.

This virtual event is free and open to the public; REGISTER HERE.