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NYCJW: Full Circle: A Responsible Jewelry Cycle

November 22, 2019 at 10:00 am - 8:30 pm

NYC Jewelry Week logoJoin NYCJW for a one day crash course on the sustainability challenges that face the global jewelry trade. Designed to educate you about how your consumers behavior and business practices impact the environment and human well-being around the world.

Full Circle: A Responsible Jewelry Cycle will connect you with individuals, businesses, and organizations who are actively forging paths toward a more responsible jewelry industry and enable you with tools to operate most responsibly going forward.


Where interest meets hands-on exploration, education and demonstration. Created with a “Science Fair” in mind, join over twelve organizations and individuals from around the world for the opportunity to talk, touch and learn what you can do to enact change.

Organizations and Individuals Involved: Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), Ethical Metalsmiths, Ethical Metalsmiths Students, Radical Jewelry Makeover, Jewelry Glossary Project, Perpetuum Jewels, Pure Earth, Hoover & Strong, Pact World: Moyo Gems, Susan Wheeler: The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Through Jewelry, Wellness for Makers, Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA), ModElan, Christina T. Miller Sustainable Jewelry Consulting, Better Without Mercury, PREMIER X Designer X ANZA Gems *Sponsor, and Stuller *Sponsor


Big Picture: An interactive pop-up by Cassondra Justine, Lot28 Design, and Onus Studio sharing the little things that add up to the big picture. This installation illustrates the potential of how being a conscious-consumer, empowering others, and respecting the environment can lead to a path towards change. The work is composed of wearable objects that are shown as a greater sum when put together. Viewers are encouraged to leave with a small part of the work as a reminder to have a positive influence in their communities.


10–10:30 am — Introduction to the Day with the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jewelry Glossary Project and Ethical Metalsmiths in the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre

10:35–11:05 am — Q&A with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) about compliance in the realm of sustainability and making.

11:10 am–11:55 am — Rebecca Villalobos of Moyo Gems and Bliss Lau in conversation about gems, navigating your own path in responsible sourcing and making, inspiration and more.

11:30 am–noon – Brian Weissman, co-founder of Brooklyn Metalworks, will present a session on Workplace Safety.

11:50 am–12:20 pm — Jocelyn DeSisto, of Lot28 Design and Bernie Thompson discuss Small Business and Sustainable Packaging. 

Noon–1 pm — #sustainableluxury: A panel about the new market from concept to consumer with Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer at Tiffany & Co. and chairman and president of the Tiffany & Co. Foundation, Kimberly Haisch, founder of KBH Jewels, Lara Koritzke, of Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA), and moderator Anthony DeMarco, writer, editor, journalist, and publisher.

12:25–1:55 pm — Emily Phillippy of Emily Chelsea, Hannah Becker of @Diamondoodles, and Brecken Branstrator of National Jeweler in conversation about telling your sustainability story.

2–2:30 pm — Debra Rapoport, jeweler and artist, and Michelle McVicker, assistant curator of The Museum at FIT, in discussion about upcycling and alternative materials in jewelry making.

2:15–3:30 pm — Join Pure Earth for some dessert and discussion! An interactive discussion about two cause marketing programs Pure Earth has developed to raise funds and awareness to prevent mercury pollution in artisanal gold mining, while also highlighting the jewelry industry’s commitment to ethical sourcing.

  • The Pure Earth Pure Gold Jewelry Auction is moving into its fifth year. This auction of ethically sourced gold jewelry is featured on-line and at Pure Earth’s NYC Benefit dinner on May 4, 2020.  The auction has been featured in Vogue and the cover of the Colombian magazine Caras. Hoover and Strong, Perpetuum Jewels, Columbia Gemstones and Diamond Foundry support through the donation of materials to participating jewelers. We will discuss involvement, marketing benefits and thoughts on how to make this the most worthwhile for all involved.
  • Earth Day is April 22 and Pure Earth has a growing group of retailers joining us for our Pure Earth Day Buy and Give program. Companies including Magnolia Bakery and Theory clothing have chosen a specified percent of sales or donation per transaction to support Pure Earth’s work during a specified time frame around Earth Day. Participating companies are promoted through Pure Earth’s social media channels and e-blasts. Learn how you can join.

Complimentary treats provided by Magnolia Bakery!

2:35–3:15 pm — Dana Bronfman of Dana Bronfman, Liz Kantner, Brand Consultant and Strategist, and Jennifer Gandia, co-owner of Greenwich Street Jewelers, in conversation about Marketing Sustainability and Educating the Consumer.

After a designer has decided to put a focus on using ethical and sustainable materials, what comes next? How do they use that to market their product in an authentic way? How do they, alongside stores, extend the conversation to the end consumer? How does the conversation move past the industry and how can we get consumers to care. The group discusses Dana and Jennifer’s ethical practices and how they use that information to promote and sell her designer jewelry.

3–3:45 pm — Bejeweleda panel discussion with author Kyle Roderick, Anabela Chan, designer/owner of Anabela Chan Joaillerie of London, Stella Flame, of Stella Flame Jewelry, Matthew Campbell Laurenza, owner of M.C.L. Design, and Loren Nicole of Loren Nicole.

Designed to take you inside the world of Rizzoli’s newest jewelry themed book Bejeweled: The World of Ethical Jewelry. Led by the author and photo editor, Kyle Roderick, the panel welcomes three designers from the book in discussion about their practice through a sustainable and ethical lens.

Bejeweled is the first ever book to survey designers who are producing fine jewelry that’s environmentally sustainable, ethically produced, philanthropic and/or focused on preserving cultural heritage,Bejeweled embodies important contributions to the narrative of jewelry history.

3:10–3:55 pm — Ute Decker, Be the change you want to see in this world: A talk with the creator of the largest online ethical making resource, Ethical Making.

Ute Decker fed over nine years of her own research, passion and commitment into creating the largest free online resource for green jewellery practices, first shared on her  own website and in 2018 in collaboration with the Incorporation of Goldsmiths, Scotland, created the dedicated website ethicalmaking.org.

In this talk, London-based political economist-turned-journalist-turned-jeweler and ethical jewelry pioneer Ute Decker, will share her top tips on how to significantly green your studio and business—much of it achievable in one or two days! It will demystify many common claims and show practical examples for making jewelry more sustainable.

After these first easy steps, Ute will delve into further sustainable improvements that will require deeper analysis and effort. Packed with information and practical tips this talk is specifically aimed at those involved in designing, making selling, learning and teaching jewelry as well as journalists. The session includes a Q&A and encourages frank discussion.

3:30–4 pm — Susan Wheeler presents The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Through Jewelry.

Susan Wheeler, a jewelry designer and founder/CEO of the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference, implements the goals into a supply chain that enables her to create jewelry, with gold, gemstones, pearls and diamonds and designs her collection around the incorporation of cutting edge initiatives that are working to achieve the 17 sustainable goals. Her presentation links all 17 sustainable goals though specific pieces of jewelry that have used elements sourced from an initiative that pertains to at least one of the goals.

4–4:45pm — Full-Circle Sponsor PREMIER X Designer X ANZA Gems, presents The Power of Collaboration.

During PREMIER 2019, ANZA Gems partnered with PREMIER X Designer brands in the creation of The Lift Collection. The ten selected designers were provided with an ANZA gem, purchased directly from source communities in East Africa, in order to produce a bespoke piece of jewelry. The proceeds from the sale of this one-of-a-kind collaboration, which will be sold at Greenwich St. Jewelers, will be 100% donated by ANZA Gems and participating designers to fund equipment for gemology and lapidary training in Tanzania through non-profit Gem Legacy, as well as to provide scholarships to the women miners of Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA).

All of the pieces in the freshly launched Lift Collection will be on display throughout the day at FIT, beginning at 10 am. At 4 pm, join PREMIER and ANZA Gems for a discussion with several of The Lift Collection designers about elevating and supporting artisans through the power of collaboration. The discussion will also include the importance of giving back and empowering the communities from which these stones are mined, with a focus on ethical sustainability.

Participating Lift Collection Designers include: Aimee Kennedy, Debra Navarro, Enji Studio, Gigi Ferranti, June Nineteen, K8 Jewelry, Leigh Maxwell, Leslie Paige, Mia Chicco and Pamela Zamore

5–5:45pm — Full-Circle sponsor Stuller presents a panel discussion about following a sustainable and responsible path as you scale your business with Sophie Kahn, co-founder of AUrate, Bliss Lau, founder of Bliss Lau, Vittoria d’Aste Surcouf, jewelry designer and writer, Stanley Zale, Stuller VP of Diamond and Gemstones Procurement, Belit Myers, Stuller VP of Inventory Compliance.



6:30–7:30 pm Join us for a screening of River of Gold, presented and created by Amazon Aid. The film examines the devastating and global environmental and humanitarian consequences of small scale illegal gold mining in the Amazon and provides solutions in order to save the Amazon rainforest. Find out how you can be a part of the solution. Learn more here.

7:30 pm  Close out the night with an uplifting and educational conversation around solutions to issues addressed in the film River of Gold, with the film creator Sarah Dupont of Amazon Aid, Christina T. Miller, sustainable jewelry consultant, co-founder of Ethical Metalsmiths and creator of Better Without Mercury, and Jen Marraccino, senior director of development at Pure Earth.

Learn more about Full Circle here.

This event is part of New York City Jewelry Week (NYCJW). FIT is the official education partner.

New York City Jewelry Week is free and open to the public; RSVP for this event here


Katie Murphy Amphitheatre
Pomerantz Art and Design Center, Fashion Institute of Technology
New York City, NY United States


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