The Woman Who Gives Bona Uncommon Scents
Star Stylist Ade Samuel Tells Stories With Clothes
Still Singing After All These Years
Renée Minus White, Fashion Buying and Merchandising, is one of the original Chantels. Here she tells her story
An Artistic Life
Joselyn Kinstler Ney, Textile Design ’56, recalls her early years in textiles
Choreographing the Ballroom Scenes on FX's Pose
Twiggy Pucci Garçon, Fashion Merchandising Management, choreographs the FX hit Pose
Pet Fashion Designer to the Stars
One of the most talked-about actors in the recent J.Lo movie Hustlers doesn’t have any lines.
Zeroing in on the Black Tech Sector
Laura Tanzer
Fashion Buying and Merchandising '87
Dana Wood
Marketing: Fashion and Related Industries '86
Irene Cheslock Dobson
Apparel Design '59
Material Concerns
Lauren Levinsohn Birrittella, Home Products Development ’07
Shanlee Johnson
Fashion Design '07
Helya Mohammadian
Fashion Design '04
Jonathan Ng
Graphic Design '07
Romina Cenisio
Fabric Styling '08
Dallas Maverick
Fashion Merchandising Management
Stevie D’Andrea
Advertising and Marketing Communications '08
Ilbert Sanchez
Graphic Design '11
Dan Aronson
Toy Design '13
Mildor Chevalier
Illustration MFA, '16
The Kindness of Sharks
Kaley Young, Interior Design ’18
Joy Kim
Technical Design '18
Julia Sinelnikova
Fine Arts '13
Nivi Murthy
Fashion Merchandising Management ’13
Meghan Conway
Fabric Styling '11, Fashion Merchandising Management ’09
Andrea Pitter Campbell
Fashion Design '11
Nicole Rutsch
Advertising and Marketing Communications '09
Shari Henry
Fashion Design '08
Danilo Hess
Photography '03
John Robb
Menswear '01
Moving the Line Online
Cynthia and Glenn Gale met in an FIT aerobics class...
Malacia Anderson
Fashion Buying and Merchandising '87
Tricia Carey
Fashion Buying and Merchandising '94
Rori Rosas Fallacaro
Marketing: Fashion and Related Industries '90
Joanie Accolla
Display and Exhibit Design '89
Beth Vetter Costello
Graphic Design '87
Nicholas Valentine
Fashion Buying and Merchandising '70
Elaine Grynkewich Drew
Fashion Design '76
Alexis Mazza
Accessories Design, Jewelry Design '13
Michelle Moore
Textile/Surface Design '16
Alfeya Valrina
Accessories Design '17
Emily Newcomen
Direct and Interactive Marketing '16, Illustration ’15
New Bravo Show Reveals the Drama in Landscape Design
Interior Design grads star in a new reality show
Anna Radke
Fashion Merchandising Management '14
Michelle Porrazzo
Fashion Design '18
Angely Martinez
Jewelry Design '18
Alexander Andronescu
Fashion Design/Florence '17
Joy Davis
Fashion and Textile Studies '15
Kristen Luong
Menswear '13
Bryant Small
Advertising and Marketing Communications '06
Erin McClurg Kozlowski
Fashion Merchandising Management '02
Afshan Durrani
Fashion Design '96
Todd Magill
Fashion Design '92
Juan Manuel Alonso
Menswear Design and Marketing '81
Sid Hoeltzell
Photography '78
Jan Bilancia Guarino
Fashion Illustration '75
Elizabeth Cassidy
Fashion Illustration and Advertising Design '71
Cathi Pierro Stoler
Fashion Business Management '67
Party City
These alums create a 21st-century vaudeville of the brilliant and absurd...
A Triumphant Return
After more than 70 years, 91-year-old Judith Kronick Mindell returned to FIT...
Angelica DeLuccia Morrissey
Advertising and Marketing Communications '10
A Drawer of Drawers
When Laura Dweck moved in with her new husband, she was appalled by his clothes...
Tamara Jerardo Mayne
Communication Design '11
C.A. (Conor) MacFinn
Computer Animation and Interactive Media '13
Sarah Chojecki
Fashion Design '14
Amber Morgan
Fabric Styling '14
Global Ambition
Connie Aluoch, Fashion Design '02, brings her expertise home to Kenya
Tati Vitsic
Textile/Surface Design '14
Knit Wits
Everybody's Knitting at Alan Cumming's East Village Club