FIT Fabulous exhibition

Students Create Hip Hop Block Party in A&D Gallery

In their first three-dimensional exhibition, students from Interior Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, and Spatial Experience Design have joined forces to create a Hip Hop block party in the exhibition space of the Art & Design Gallery in the lobby of the Pomerantz building. The result is called FIT Fabulous: A Modern Investigation of Hip Hop, a counterpoint exhibition to The Museum at FIT’s Fresh, Fly and Fabulous: Fifty Years of Hip Hop Style across the street, which opens on Wednesday, February 8.

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pregnant women showing off their baby bumpsFrom article “How Maternity Styles Have Shifted (and What’s Trending Now)” on The Bump.com: “The complications and hard work the body does during pregnancy is now also more openly talked about,” says Melissa Tombro, a professor of English and Communication studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology. “Pregnant people are looking for ways to talk about miscarriage, bodily changes and mental health to receive the support they need. Fashion is a way to express that the dialogue is opening up and becoming more inclusive of all stages of this life-changing event.”

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