Illustration Alumnus Antonio Lopez Memorialized in Major Exhibition


The illustrator Antonio Lopez ’63 is the subject of a highly acclaimed show at El Museo del Barrio in Manhattan through November 26. Lopez (1943-1987), known by his signature, Antonio, was among the most influential illustrators of the twentieth century. Taking their cues from street life, Antonio and his partner, Juan Ramos ’63, both Nuyorican, changed the field. They incorporated people of color, a vibrant sense of motion, and transgressive sexuality. Antonio Lopez: Future Funk Fashion shows off an astonishing 400-plus illustrations and other artworks, including pieces commissioned for VogueHarper’s BazaarElle, and Interview.

On October 17, Rocío Aranda-Alvarado, curator at El Museo del Barrio, will speak on the legendary Antonio at FIT.

Click here to read Hue magazine’s feature on Antonio, which looks at the artist’s life and work from the perspective of those who knew him best, and savor some of his most luscious work.

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