FIT’s Eighth Annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference: People, Planet, and Prosperity: Measuring Our Impact

People, Planet, and Prosperity: Measuring Our Impact,” the Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) Eighth Annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference, hosted by the college’s Sustainability Council, will educate, engage, and inspire, while providing information about incorporating sustainability into design and business practices.Featuring a keynote address by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” — and presentations by leaders on the cutting edge of sustainable practices, this conference is a must for anyone interested in measuring and evaluating efforts to improve the present without jeopardizing the future.

Topics will include “Metrics Used in Built Environments to Evaluate Our Impact,” “Measuring Impact: Big vs. Small,” and “Sustainability at FIT: Past, Present and Future Sustainable Initiatives Across Campus.”

Speakers are:

•Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., environmental activist, professor, and attorney specializing in environmental law
•Lewis Perkins, senior vice president, The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
•Tom LaForge, global director, Human and Cultural Insights, The Coca-Cola Company
•Kerry Brown, director of operations, Curtis Packaging
•Laurie Kerr, director of the City Energy Project, Urban Program, National Resources Defense Council
•Deborah Singer Howard, director, Office of Sustainability, State University of New York
•Paula Melton, managing editor, BuildingGreen, Inc.
•Dr. Joyce F. Brown, president, FIT

The conference is open to the public and free of charge; advance registration is encouraged.