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Lindy Fox won’t graduate from FIT’s Fashion Design program until 2017, but her designs have already appeared on

Credit her entrepreneurial spirit and a stroke of serendipity. Fox, who worked in knitwear production for Tory Burch before matriculating at FIT, submitted her portfolio to Nineteenth Amendment, a website that features collections by emerging designers. The garments are available at a discount during a 19-day presale, after which they are produced in the Garment District and shipped to buyers. This innovative model gives young designers a way to sell their work without prohibitive up-front costs.

Here comes the serendipity: On August 31, Macy’s announced a partnership with Nineteenth Amendment, which will eventually include exclusive access to presales at Lindy Fox’s ensembles can be seen on Macy’s landing page which leads you the Nineteenth Amendment website.

Fox’s first collection, which debuted earlier this year, derived from her 2014 entry for the Fusion Fashion Show, a competition between FIT and Parsons students. Her fall/holiday collection, on sale beginning November 11, borrows from her 2015 Fusion entry. The colors and style lines of the wool and metallic leather garments are inspired by “ocean-tossed redwood driftwood” from her home state of California, whereas the silhouettes are designed for urban adventures.

She finds herself juggling the demands of Nineteenth Amendment and a full courseload of eight subjects—but she says she’s thrilled to see where it takes her. “I would not have expected this to happen to me while I was still in school!”

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