Pokémon Invade FIT

Pokémon Go, the new augmented reality game developed by the Pokémon Company and Niantic, has taken the world—and FIT—by storm. The game is being used by more than 5 percent of all Android users in the United States, and within days, its popularity added more than $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market value.

Users navigate through real-world streets in search of Pokémon, virtual monsters that can be caught within the game. When a Pokémon appears, the app activates the phone’s camera, allowing the user to see the monster superimposed onto their real-life view. By keeping your eyes peeled and the app open, you’ll likely bump into Pikachus, Eevees, and far too many Zubats on 27th Street.

Aside from the Pokémon roaming campus, five FIT locations have been designated as Poké Stops, landmarks where players collect items needed within the game. Poké Balls, potions, and incenses can be found in Dubinsky, Business and Liberal Arts, Feldman, or Goodman. The app also mistook Chalk FIT as a permanent feature, so players are bound to be confused when searching for the ‘FIT Murals’ Poké Stop. (Chalk FIT washed off the Pomerantz walls long ago.)


Trying to catch them all? On social media, share images of the Pokémon caught on campus and make sure to tag FIT!

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