Publications Feature Photos to Promote Book of Ron Amato’s Recent Project

Book cover for The Box.

Many publications have recently published  photos by Ron Amato, chair, Photography, from his project called The Box,  in support of his Kickstarter campaign to publish a book of the work. These publications include:
Out,  “Thinking Within the Box: Sensual Photo Series Explores Confined Intimacy”
New York Daily News
, Photographer Explores Issues of Sexuality in Thought-Provoking Portraits
The Advocate, “Thinking Inside the Box”
Qx, “Thinking Inside the Box”
Gay Times (UK), “Think Within the Box”

Qx magazine describes the work as “simultaneously bizarre, sexy and distressing, with musclebound subjects crammed claustrophobically into confined wooden crates.” It goes on to quote Amato: “Boxes trap, boxes hide, boxes protect. You receive gifts in boxes. We’re told to ‘think outside the box’ but Pandora had a box.”

For more information, contact Amato, 212 217.5502.

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