The Writing (and the Illustration) Is on the Wall

ChalkFIT 2016-8643

This fall, the brick wall on FIT’s 28th Street side got a makeover with student paintings and poems that reflect the uncertain world we live in. The interdisciplinary project came to life after Amy Lemmon, professor of English and Communication Studies, read one of her poems at the Academic Open Mic, a biannual event that brings together faculty from across FIT’s diverse curriculum to share creative and scholarly achievements. Dan Shefelman, assistant professor of Illustration, was inspired by the poem, and together they came up with #BrickFIT: the words of student poets would share wall space with paintings by fourth-year Illustration students. “There’s a close connection between illustration and ideas,” Shefelman says. “I’ve always felt that an illustration department should be working with writers, and this was a perfect fit.”

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That was it, the time we had
no alternative but had to walk past
the site, the fright of shrapnel, and we might
glaze over it’s been so long
since we felt safe—
we are never safe, never safe

— Amy Lemmon

You can’t say “bomb”
In an airport
Can’t say it
As you board the plane
You can’t say “bomb” in
The movie theaters
So don’t even dare say it
On the subway
You may write it down
On a clean white sheet
But if you should
Write it so small
It cannot be read

— Taylor Belvedere

Another Saturday night I won’t take a taxi
Another Saturday night where traffic is heavy
Another Saturday night carelessly pushing through the herd
Another Saturday night rushing to down to 23rd
Another Saturday night waiting for the F
Another Saturday night I won’t get a text
Another Saturday night where I rush and hurry
Another Saturday night I’ll have to sit and worry
Another Saturday night I won’t get a call
Another Saturday night I won’t hear from you at all

— Marissa Pezzullo

You’re either surrounded by hundreds of strangers or indulged in your lonesome.
Savor this moment, make memories or enjoy the silence for once. Until next Saturday night.

— Amani Yasin

not how I usually spend my Saturday nights
we go into Alex’s room to find them huddled around the TV

— Ali Scibetta

For a minute, everything had stopped. I was already home, but my friends weren’t. They were ok.

— Jennifer Lopez

Manhattan earrings
sprouting glass, piercing ears,
depriving wholeness.

— Stella Boniello

One look to the side, Gone Forever.
You will only get one warning. Before
Things start to blow up.
It’s up to you,
The choice is yours.

— Nat-Kwynjai Floyd

When the announcement is made
An explosion in Chelsea coming from a strange
Lie about gas, as it unfolds
An unexpected attack from one who is still living
Caused injuries, bleeding, crying
Black lives movement still from those innocent dying

— Michelle Say


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