Packaging Design BFA Portfolio Showcase Nets Jobs for Grads

On May 9, 125 representatives of the packaging design industry came to New York’s National Opera Center to see portfolios of eye-catching work done by graduating BFA students in Packaging Design. The event was a hit, and many students received job offers as a result. Department chair Marianne Klimchuk says, “With the strength of the portfolios from this year’s graduating class, 14 Packaging Design BFA students were offered design positions either just prior to graduation or immediately following.” We asked Klimchuk to identify four especially promising grads, and describe their work.

Bea Saludo

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“Bea Saludo’s strength in combining a passion for research, strategy, and storytelling enabled her to create brands with unique personalities,” Klimchuk says. The recipient of the Packaging Design Department Award, Saludo now works full time at the place where she interned: Sundial Brands.

Meredith Christensen-Jennings

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Meredith Christensen returned to school after working full-time jobs at Jonathan Adler, Barnes & Noble, Ralph Lauren, and Dwell Studio. Klimchuk says, “Meredith brings a professional retail experience, a mature perspective of the world, and extensive visual research to her design solutions, creating projects that are approachable and marketable.”

Devlin Chrnelich

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“Devlin Chrnelich has worked at Nike and is now a specialist at Apple,” Klimchuk says. “He received the George Wybenga Award [Wybenga helped develop the Packaging Design program] for his incredible talent and hard work. (He was able to complete all his assignments while training at Apple.) Devlin is curious and thoughtful and this comes through in his design work. He has a background in fashion and that, combined with his attention to detail, is evident in each and every project.”

Samantha Kohinchak

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“Samantha Kokinchak uses smart strategic-thinking skills, the effective combination of structure, color, imagery, and typography, and she strives for excellence in her design process,” Klimchuk says. She received a full-time position where she interned: Bulletproof.

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