Harmonic Diversities

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of FIT’s partnership with Politecnico di Milano and the creation of the FIT in Milan program, the two colleges mounted an exhibition of collection highlights from the graduating FIT in Milan BFA Fashion Design students and the graduating Politecnico di Milano design students.

Both groups used the common theme of the value of diversity as their inspiration, with particular emphasis on the many points of connection between the American and Italian cultures. FIT and Politecnico di Milano also have technology as a major component of their DNA, so the students incorporated that in several ways, from high-tech fabrics to specialized technical construction, from digital printing and 3D-printed details to technology’s aesthetic as an inspiration in itself.

After being on display in Milan, the exhibition traveled to FIT, where it was shown in the lobby of Goodman Center, near the entrance to The Museum at FIT.

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