Ranking Proves That FIT Degrees Pay Off

A degree from FIT offers an excellent return on investment, as proven by top 10 rankings in the College Salary Report for the fourth year in a row. The 2017–18 median mid-career* salary of FIT grads, at $76,800 (up 3 percent from last year), is the seventh highest of all community colleges across the country. Among public community colleges, FIT ranks number one.

This high ranking is especially notable because tripled the number of schools in the survey this year. In the 2016–17 survey, 381 were included; this year, that number is 1,186.

Alumni of FIT’s School of Art and Design should be especially proud of their earning potential, as the median mid-career income among alumni with bachelor’s degrees in the arts was $97,600, up 8 percent from last year. This placed FIT 13th among 313 art schools.

Lastly, among all FIT alumni with bachelor’s degrees, the median mid-career salary was $100,500, an increase of 8 percent over last year’s figure. That places FIT at No. 205 of the 1,509 ranked schools nationwide.

The company collects its data through an ongoing online compensation survey. The data in the current survey is based on salary profiles submitted by 2.3 million college graduates. The median sample size for the colleges included in this year’s rankings is 489.

No matter how you slice the numbers, the financial implications of an FIT education are looking very good.

* defines “mid-career” as having worked for 10 or more years.

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