Christie Shin and C.J. Yeh Present Curriculum Ideas at SUNY Conference

Christie Shin and C.J. Yeh, Communication Design, presented curriculum innovations from the Creative Technology and Design subject area at SUNY’s 2018 Conference on Instruction & Technology (CIT). This presentation, “#EXPERIENCE: Education for Future Design Innovators,” showcased some of the most innovative digital design projects from FIT, including digital typography, content-centric app design, digital product design, VR and AR experience design. Professors Shin and Yeh discussed the methodologies used in these courses to stimulate student-centered active learning. Established in 1992, the CIT is SUNY’s largest and most prominent event on instructional technology in education, providing a forum for faculty, instructional support professionals, and policymakers to present, discuss, and explore innovative avenues for integrating technology into the teaching and learning environment.

For more information, contact Yeh, (212) 217-5676.


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