What Inspires You?: Mega Prints

At FIT, I was awful at making repeats. When I was starting out in the industry, if I found this really great motif for a pillow, instead of having to put it into a repeat, I’d blow up the image to the size of the pillow. I became known for that. If you’re just focusing on one icon—a bird, an animal, a flower—it becomes much more important, almost like a portrait. When it’s in a repeat, you lose it a little bit. It got crazier when I expanded to duvet covers and shower curtains. Still no repeats. But sometimes I don’t have a choice. I have a license for upholstery and drapery fabrics with Duralee, and the designers there take my raw art and make a workable repeat. Of course, when they lay everything out for me, they know exactly what I’m going to say: “Can we make the image 25 percent bigger?”
Fernez is the founder of thomaspaul, a textile design company with products for every aspect of the home. His aesthetic blends contemporary pop art and minimalist art; vintage illustrations; and floral, nautical, and geometric patterns. Some of his designs are produced through licensing agreements with brands including VCNY Home (bedding), Gartner Studios (stationery), Duralee (upholstery), and Nuloom (rugs).
Fernez finds most of his images from books of vintage illustrations.