Christie Shin and C.J. Yeh’s Cynda Media Lab Wins Communication Arts Design Award

Cynda Media Lab, a design studio led by Christie Shin and C.J. Yeh, both Communication Design Pathways, has been honored with a 60th Communication Arts Design Annual Award in the poster series category. Of the 3,663 entries to the 60th Design Annual, only 132 were selected, representing the work of 104 designers, design firms, and in-house design departments, making the Design Annual one of the most exclusive major design competitions in the world.

The award-winning project, A Split Second of Eternity, is a poster series for a large scale mixed-reality installation about the intricate relationship between time, reality, and memory. Each of the eight posters is a depiction of a withering rose in a frozen moment. It is a metaphor for how the human brain segments continuous experience into separate memories of events. The client on the original project was the Art Center at National Central University, Taiwan, and additional collateral included an invitation, billboards, magazine ads, social media images and animations, and an exhibition brochure.

Communication Arts is a creative publication that was founded in 1959 as a source of inspiration for graphic designers, art directors, design firms, corporate design departments, advertising agencies, interactive designers, illustrators and photographers—everyone involved in visual communication. The 60th Design Annual in which award winners are featured is due to be published in September.

For more information, contact Yeh, (212) 217-5676.

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