Helya Mohammadian

Illustration of woman in wheelchair putting on underwear
Image: Marcela Sabiá for Slick Chicks
Helya Mohammadian, Fashion Design '04, founded Slick Chicks, stylish adaptive underwear with side fasteners for pregnant women and women with disabilities. She designed the first prototype in 2014, to help her sister, who was recovering from a C-section. Response to a Kickstarter campaign revealed that people with permanent mobility issues also loved the product. “It changed my perspective on something that most people take for granted: getting dressed every day.” Mohammadian recently added a unisex and men’s line, and Slick Chicks is now sold on Zappos Adaptive, for customers with disabilities. Forbes, Cosmpolitan, and Refinery29 have all featured Slick Chicks.
side fastening underwear
The side fasteners on Slick Chicks undergarments make them ideal for customers with mobility challenges. Photo: Better Mobility