Chalk It Up!

FIT’s annual public art project, ChalkFIT, presents 75 Years of History Through the Eyes of FIT. This year Illustration students, along with faculty and alumni project managers, created 90 bright murals on the Goodman and Pomerantz facades that span the decades from the college’s founding in 1944 and speculate about the years beyond 2019. Some of the panels include augmented reality (AR) technology, which can be accessed by downloading and using the Arilyn app on your smartphone or tablet. The panels begin on the back of the Goodman Resource Center on West 26th Street, continue up Seventh Avenue, and wrap around the Pomerantz Center on West 28th Street. The project even attracted the attention of NY1 news, which covered the ChalkFIT and 75th anniversary story.

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In celebration of FIT’s 75th anniversary, all donors of $75 or more to the college will have their name added to a ChalkFIT donor panel on Seventh Avenue, which will be on view through the spring semester. Click here to contribute.

Want to see the work in progress? Follow #ChalkFIT across social media.

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