Jessica Wynne’s Forthcoming Book Featured in Fortune and Estro Magazines

The work of Jessica Wynne, Photography, has been featured in Fortune and Estro magazines in advance of the publication of a book dedicated to her project documenting mathematicians’ chalkboards. The book, Do Not Erase, will be published this fall by Princeton University Press.

In the article in Fortune, Wynne explained that part of the origin of the project was a study abroad trip in India where she spotted chalkboards on a school rooftop. “They were filled with [what] looked to me like hieroglyphics,” she said. That vision combined with ideas she’d been discussing with mathematician friends. “I realized over the years that math is a very creative process,” Wynne told Fortune.

Estro, which is an Italian-language publication available at the Park Hyatt Milan, published several images from Wynne’s upcoming book in its December issue. The magazine has given its permission to reproduce their pages here.

For more information, contact Wynne, (212) 217-5510.

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