Take the Earth Day Student Bingo Challenge 

In times of crisis, it is important to stay connected with those around us. This is why student members of FIT’s Sustainability Council have created an Earth Day bingo-style challenge for current and incoming students. 

The challenge is an opportunity for the FIT community to get involved in sustainable initiatives and practices while at home. It is a fun way to stay social during these unprecedented times.

For each activity, students are asked to share a photo or video of themselves completing that task on social media. Once the bingo challenge is completed, two students will have the chance to win one $50 gift card each to eco-friendly New York–based retailer Package Free Shop

The competition will be live online at 10 am on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, and continue through Thursday, April 30. 

Find more information on FIT’s Earth Day Challenge on Instagram at @fit.earth.day.bingo.challenge

Earth Day Bingo Challenge board

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