Marianne Klimchuk Led Judging Team for Pepsi/Ruffles Mexico Design Challenge

text description of design contestRecently, Marianne Klimchuk, professor of Communication Design Pathways, served as a judge and judge coordinator for the Pepsi/Ruffles Mexico Design Challenge. Ruffles Mexico created a competition for designers and creatives from around the world to design a special edition jacket for the Los Angeles Chargers NFL team. The winning design was awarded $25,000.

Kilmchuk worked with the Miami Ad School and put together an initial team of student judges (10 from each school) to narrow down the finalists. There were 2,600 entries; 300 were submitted to the student design teams; 10 final designs were selected and submitted to the final judging team.

The final judging team was composed of Klimchuk and the following professionals: Mauro Porcini, senior vice president and chief design officer, PepsiCo; Italian director Francesco Carrozzini; Mexican architect Michel Rojkind; Liliana T. Pérez, cultural affairs director for the Los Angeles Chargers; Guatemalan football player Luis Martinez; Pippa Seichrist, co-founder and CEO of the Miami Ad School.

For more information, contact Klimchuk.

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