Mixing Up Marketing Techniques with Gina Asaro-Collura

Gina Asaro-Collura Gina Asaro-Collura, an alumna and adjunct professor of Advertising and Digital Design, spoke at a recent panel discussion for interns called, “Make Your Marketing,” sponsored by the creative agency The Mixx NYC.

During the July 30 event, Asaro-Collura and her co-panelists spoke about challenges in the creative process, such as what to do when a client doesn’t like an idea and how to move from being a creative person to a creative director, who oversees others’ work. She also shared advice dealing with feedback, how improvisational skills aid client work and how to choose the best items for a creative portfolio.

Asaro-Collura holds a BFA in Advertising and Digital Design and teaches several courses at the college, including a class in the foundations of advertising.

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