Pacifico Silano’s ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ on View at Gallery Monti8 in Italy

Two photographs hang on a white wall

Photography technologist Pacifico Silano held a solo exhibition, Don’t Worry Baby, at the gallery Monti8, in Latina, Italy.

For this exhibition, Silano, a lens-based artists whose work makes use of vintage gay erotica, took a new approach in order to highlight “the balance between softness and aggression.” Silano acquired erotic centerfolds from a range of magazines from the mid-20th century and collaged and re-photographed them, in the process eliminating any overt sexual content. The resulting images focus on the small details within a scene—a green towel covering a torso, or weights on a wooden floor.

Photographs on a wall

In the words of Monti8s curators, the images “create new narratives, where nothing is expicit, like sexual acts or nudity. The sexuality of the subjects is only evoked by a detail of a body, an expression or a movement of a hand. Every work is marked by a strong sense of intimacy.”

The show was on view January 22–February 19.

For more information, contact Silano.

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