C.J. Yeh and Christie Shin Speak on Design Education

CJ Yeh and Christie Shin take a selfie in a brightly lit hallway

For many in academia, summer is a time to kick back and relax. Not so for C.J. Yeh and Christie Shin, who spent the summer of 2022 making rounds of design-education conferences.

The two professors of Creative Technology and Design spoke at the 2022 UCDA Design Education Summit, which is aimed at design educators, in May. This year’s conference focused on how educators can incorporate their own and learners’ lived experiences and define equity within historical and cultural narratives.

The presentation, titled “Design Education in the Age of Metaverse,” discussed the successful pedagogy and teaching methodologies that are now integrated into FIT’s Creative Technology courses as well as the Creative Workforce of the Future certificate programs.

Yeh and Shin also demonstrated an advanced prototype of Experience.MODA, a multi-sensory experiential museum for digital arts. This virtual 3D platform was designed to provide a cutting-edge immersive experience for digital art such as NFTs.

In August, Christie Shin also spoke at the inaugural Figma for Education Conference. Dubbed “COMMONS,” the virtual conference brought together the education community to share methodologies, skills, and tools to help transform the classroom experience. Shin’s presentation focuses on how to organize a cloud-based learning environment to facilitate experiential learning. The other speakers include top practitioners and educators from organizations such as Imagine Learning, the University of Washington, and Harvard University.

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