Ron Amato’s Limited-Edition Book Reviewed in ‘Pride’

Ron Amato looking at the viewerProfessor of Photography Ron Amato’s newly released book, 13 years in the making, received a review in Pride.

The book, 100 Members Only: Volume 1, is an intimate, quirky and provocative look at the human phallus, culled from thousands of Amato’s photographs collected over decades.

“The penis is a thing of beauty to be captured, a thing of curiosity to be explored, and a thing of controversy to be exposed,” Amato writes in the introduction to the book, which endeavors “to see the penis in all its glory and all its vulnerability.”

The black-and-white photographs, which Pride calls “compelling and highly intimate,” are collected in a volume that was published as a limited edition of 100 and sold out within weeks.

Read the full review on Pride’s website.

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