FIT in the News – February 2, 2018

WWD and (January 29) profiled Susan Easton, designer and founder of From the Road, a luxury handwoven accessories and lifestyle brand, and included that Easton is in the 2018 FIT Design Entrepreneurs program.

Design:Retail (January issue) held a roundtable discussion with 16 FIT Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design students to discover what is in store for the industry. The students discussed the next retail buzzword, the Generation Z demographic, favorite stores, and brand loyalty, among other topics. (January 25) reported that clothing retailers J. Crew and Madewell will begin offering jeans in plus sizes and offered the following statistic attributed to FIT: “More than half of women in the U.S. are plus-size, or size 14 and above.” (January 23) turned to Salvatore Giardina, adjunct assistant professor, Textile Development and Marketing, for the reasons why men leave the bottom button of suit jackets undone. “[Allegedly], that was just a faux pas by one of the British royalty,” said Giardina. “The court took that to be a fashion statement and left [their bottom buttons] unbuttoned.” Pickups include (January 24). (January 18) reported on the portrait photography of FIT student Peter DeVito, Illustration, whose work highlights acne and other skin imperfections that are typically digitally removed from photographs. Pickups include,, (all January 22),, (both January 23),,, (England) (all January 24),, (January 25), and (January 26).

The Body: Fashion and Physique, currently on display at MFIT, received feature coverage on (January 24) and (January 26). Additional coverage included (January 21).

Norell: Dean of American Fashion, which opens at MFIT on February 9, received advance coverage on, (England) (both January 23), (Australia, January 24), (January 26),, and  (both January 29).

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