Henry Welt Fosters Entrepreneurship in the Hudson Valley

This spring, the River Journal Online wrote about Henry Welt, International Trade and Marketing, and his activities to help build entrepreneurship in his upstate community of Ossining, New York, in an article titled “Strengthening Communities, Fueling Dreams: Locals Attract Leading Non-Profit.” Welt is a co-founder of Ossining Innovates!, and the article describes his organization’s efforts to bring EforAll (Entrepreneurship for All) to the town. The nonprofit, which believes in improving lives and revitalizing communities through entrepreneurship, is looking to launch EforAll Ossining, making it the first inclusive entrepreneurship accelerator in New York State. To read the article, click on the link below. 

For more information, contact Welt, (212) 217-4338.

Strengthening Communities, Fueling Dreams: Locals Attract Leading Non-Profit 

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