Surfers, Rejoice! A New High-Tech, Fashion-Forward Wetsuit

There’s no reason a surfer shouldn’t look stylish while shredding waves. Most full-body wetsuits, however, are drab and, because they’re difficult to put on, inflexible. After spending several summers surfing off Hempstead, Long Island, graduating student Caitlin Dunn, Technical Design ’19, created an adjustable neoprene suit for women. The brightly colored arms and legs bring fashion to the look; they’re also removable, making the piece versatile for various types of weather.

Inspired by pro surfer Quincy Davis, Dunn designed her suit to be the best of both worlds: The full-body version “is the best option to keep your body warm, comes with extra buoyancy, provides more sun protection, and eliminates the burns and bruising from the boards.” The short style “is less restrictive, easier to take on and off, and gives you more feel in the water.” She’ll be wearing the outfit herself all summer, she says. “I will feel like I am riding the red carpet when I catch a wave.”

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