Andrea Beeman’s Dance Ensemble Performs at Local Events

Still from video of Beeman’s Dancing Rubies performing at Dancefest in 2017.

Andrea Beeman, Film, Media, and Performing Arts, and her Middle Eastern dance ensemble, The Dancing Rubies, performed at the Global Water Dances on June 15 on Roosevelt Island. Featuring an international community of choreographers and dancers, the event was held at multiple sites worldwide on the same day—in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America—to inspire action and collaboration on water issues through dance. The performances at each site were created to highlight a local water issue and take place near a related body of water. The worldwide events were linked throughout the day via broadcast and social media, and challenged observers, locally and online, to deepen their understanding about the importance of water in communities the world over.

Earlier in the spring, Beeman was interviewed by The New York Times for an article about the city’s annual Dance Parade, where her dance ensemble also performed. Later that day, her troupe was selected to perform on the main stage at Dancefest in Tompkins Square Park.

For more information, contact Beeman, (212) 217-4221.

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