Take Five: Max Hechtman

white man with dark hair in blue oxford shirt sitting outside
(Photo: Smiljana Peros)

Major: Film and Media

Select filmography: FIT Hives: Sustainability—The Secret to Survival (2016) explains the importance of bees to our food supply, as well as to cosmetics and fine art. Stories of Strength and Hope: Preventing Youth Suicide (2018) describes the warning signs of suicide and its portrayal in the media, particularly the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. Both of Hechtman’s documentaries screened at numerous film festivals; FIT Hives won an Eco Sustainable Award from the Fashion Film Festival Chicago, and Stories of Strength and Hope won Best Documentary at the Long Island International Film Expo. Abigail (2019), his senior thesis film, touches on end-of-life issues.

What’s next: Hechtman hopes to find work as a production assistant, film editor, cinematographer, writer, and/or producer, while pursuing more documentary and narrative projects that focus on mental health and other social issues.

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Filmmaker magazine included FIT’s Film and Media program in the 2019 Filmmaker Film School Guide, its annual list of noteworthy film schools.

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