Multiple Faculty and Alumni Artists in Group Show

Ten artists in the upcoming Pink NYC + Pink SF group exhibition are FIT faculty, alumni, or guest speakers. The show, to open November 15 in Brooklyn and San Francisco, is organized by the Pen & Ink Brigade, a group of women artists joining forces for progressive change. The New York exhibition will be on view at Diana Kane Boutique and Gallery, located at 229-B Fifth Ave., in Brooklyn.

Faculty artists include Melanie Reim, acting associate dean of the School of Art and Design; Aya Kakeda, adjunct assistant professor of Graduate Illustration; and Martha Rich, adjunct instructor of Graduate Illustration. Alumni include Maria Carluccio, Illustration MFA ’16; and Bri Hermanson, Illustration MFA ’11. Seventy-five percent of the proceeds from sales will support Fair Fight 2020, a political action committee promoting fair elections and encouraging voter participation.

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