Azoulay and Rejaud Selected to Train National Advertising Organization About Shopper Marketing

Renee Azoulay
Renee Azoulay.

Renee Azoulay and Jean Marc Rejaud, both Advertising and Marketing Communications, have been selected as the new shopper marketing experts to train the members of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) on this topic. The ANA is a professional association for marketing communications professionals in the U.S. that is comprised of more than 1,000 leading companies. ANA members represent an estimated 20,000 brands that collectively spend $400 billion in marketing and advertising each year.

Azoulay and Rejaud will leverage the recent book they wrote about shopper marketing, Converting Shoppers to Buyers, and the course content that they have developed with the book in its use as a textbook in their FIT courses, to develop an effective shopper marketing workshop for marketing professionals.

Jean Marc Rejaud
Jean Marc Rejaud.

Shopper marketing is a hot topic for marketing professionals as they try to find ways to shift from tactical sales promotion to strategically driven shopper marketing campaigns with lasting sales results and better alignment with brand objectives and positioning.

This recognition and the selection of Azoulay and Rejaud as the facilitators for the ANA Shopper Marketing workshop represent a clear sign that the industry that Advertising and Marketing Communications serves—through one of its main professional representation bodies—recognizes FIT as a center of knowledge, expertise, and innovation for marketing communications and is looking at the college to help define the next “shapes and forms” of marketing communications for improved performance.

For more information, contact Rejaud, (212) 217-4480.

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