Louis Marino, Advertising Design ‘91

All of my professors helped me, but a few transformed me. Judy Ellis was my foundation teacher and would later found the Toy Department. Frank Csoka taught me to believe in the power of storytelling. The man was a wellspring of ideas; his critiques of my work would always turn into a workshop of possibilities. He was so generous of his time. Eli Kince made me believe in myself and as hard as he was on me did so because he cared intensely for design. Pat Peduto was equally hard but approached advertising like a Martial Art. Ruby Friedland was my professor for a few classes, and also helped me attain my first internship at my favorite advertising agency. She cared a lot about how you presented yourself as a candidate.

(left) I still who this picture to people to prove I had hair and sported a ‘stache!
(center) Learning “Digital Darkroom” and the newest design programs; Aldus Freehand and Pagemaker. 
(right) Senior Student Showcase, May 1991. I’m in the shoulder padded suit with my hand on my chin. 

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