Five FIT-Approved Indoor Activities For the Dog Days of Summer

This summer has been a scorcher, and if you’re like us, you’ve spent most of it inside. To keep you entertained in these last weeks of summer, the editors at Hue have compiled a list of indoor activities, from recommended TV shows (each with an FIT connection) to a fab ice cream recipe by a celebrated alum, to help pass the time until fall—and, we hope, happier days.

1. Play with Hue’s Museum at FIT Paper Doll
The Museum at FIT is temporarily closed, but you can interact with a few stunning garments at home. Hue magazine created a paper doll of Valerie Steele, director and chief curator, plus five iconic dresses from the museum’s collection and a selection of coordinated hairstyles and accessories. Print out the doll and garments to cut out at home, or try out the online version. Your inner child (or your actual child) will be overjoyed.

2. An FIT Guide to Binge-Watching
Stuck at home this spring and summer, we’ve been glued to the TV screen more than we’d like to admit. Looking to update your watch list? Check out these films and series with an FIT alumni connection, in acting, costume design, directing, casting, and tons of other roles.

3. Read Books by FIT Authors
Faculty, staff, and alumni have written and illustrated numerous books of all kinds: novels, children’s books, graphic memoir, self-help, poetry, and scholarship. This list includes books written for a general audience that have been published within the past three years.

4. Visit the Library (Sorta)
FIT’s Gladys Marcus Library offers a cornucopia of fantastic digital resources, like an augmented-reality “FITting Room,” where you can try on garments and accessories from fashion sketches from FIT’s Special Collections!

5. Whip Up a Sweet Treat
Alumna Rose Levy Beranbaum is world-renowned for her baking cookbooks, but her favorite dessert is … ice cream?! Try the chocolate semifreddo recipe from her latest book, Rose’s Ice Cream Bliss—no ice cream maker needed. And when the new online issue of Hue arrives in a couple of weeks, read about Rose and get a few of her best tips. Meanwhile, here’s our tip: Double the semifreddo recipe. It makes only two servings, and, trust us, more is better.


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