FIT in the News – March 23, 2021

The Division of Communications and External Relations is pleased to share FIT in the News, which reports selected highlights of news stories about the college and/or that quote the college’s experts. These stories will be accessible for at least seven days by clicking on the links below.

Wireless Bras
Colleen Hill, curator of costume and accessories, The Museum at FIT (MFIT) on the embrace of the wireless bra:  “The trend toward wireless and other more forgiving bras wasn’t created by the pandemic, only accelerated by it.”

Camo Print
Tom Scott, assistant professor, Fashion Design, on how the camouflage print has been embraced by fringe groups: “I don’t think the White Power people get to appropriate something iconic like camouflage that’s already worn by many different types of people and has been worked into street style for decades. They don’t get to take that pattern and make it mean what they want it to mean.”

Covid-19 – One Year Later

Valerie Steele, director and chief curator, MFIT, reflects on how the pandemic continues to impact fashion:  “If we go back three days a week, we’ll certainly be doing more shopping and more dry cleaning, but it may not be a wholehearted embrace of everything before all the techies started wearing T-shirts and men stopped wearing ties.”

Roaring Twenties, Swinging Sixties

The Roaring Twenties and The Swinging Sixties, a virtual exhibition organized by students from FIT’s Graduate Studies program in collaboration with MFIT website launched on March 15.
WWD (Belgium) (The Netherlands)

Reinvention and Restlessness: Fashion in the 90s

Pre-opening coverage for the upcoming exhibition, which is scheduled to open later in 2021 at MFIT.


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