Welcome Back!

We asked two alumni of FIT’s Film and Media Program to make a short film to commemorate our long-delayed return to campus. Director William Mun and cinematographer Diamond Abreu, both ’21, came up with “Welcome Back,” a one-minute short that shows our urban setting as it stirs to life again.
Will C. Mun is a filmmaker with an affinity for all things queer and horror. His multimedia work centers on LGBT+ issues and the Asian American identity. A former Tribeca Film Fellow, he aims to provide platforms for underrepresented communities in media and tell engaging stories spanning across genres. Currently, he is working on his short film, Nuna, which follows a closeted Korean American woman haunted by her deceased brother’s spirit.

Diamond is a Dominican filmmaker and photographer from the Lower East Side. Former Tribeca Film Institute Fellow aims to utilize bright colors and innovative camera techniques in order to bring stories to life.

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